Felipe Araya

Business Management, Master, MBA

"I have been moved my entire life by my social and environmental convictions. And the challenges of the world are today more urgent than ever to be addressed. My energies and skills are fully committed to that purpose for helping organizations be part of this global change".


Areas of Expertise

  • Business Sustainability Strategy

  • B Corporations Assessment

  • Impact Assessment

  • Workshops and Education

  • Materiality Analysis



Felipe has professional more than 7 years of experience in the field of Supply Chain Management, global sourcing, distribution and warehousing operations in different industries such as pharmaceutical, sporting goods, technology and educational supplies. Felipe also owns a startup called K'epe Bags in which he and his colleague design bags for bicycles to make biking more comfortable and trendy worldwide and is part of the founders' directory of Triple S, being an active member leading workshops and consulting services, as well as raising the brand awareness by managing the social media and representing it on events.

He is now working as a business consultant in sustainability, assessing organizations in defining their strategies into a triple impact approach, focused on the long term perspective.