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Why climate change is a feminist issue

Every year, during women’s history month in March we celebrate the victories the women before us achieved, while also raising our voices to bring awareness to the ongoing inequality around the globe. This day and feminism are not all about women’s rights. But instead, is about equality for ALL.

We as Triple S could say we are all feminists. And we all should be, as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explains in her amazing Ted Talk about feminism (could highly recommend). Feminism is not only for women - of course, it is a big part of it – but feminism is used to liberate all kinds of marginalized people.

I could talk about so many aspects of feminism and achievements of women in history, but I actually would like to talk with you about the climate crisis in relation to the suppression of women. As the United Nations describe; women… in the shadow of climate change. Women in Agriculture Sadly, women are the group that is most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. In many rural areas, women are responsible for providing food and water resources to feed their families. Because of the effects of climate change, many women have to walk further to reach the resources they need. This leads to women having less time to find financial resources elsewhere, making them economically dependent. Besides this, women make 43% of the agricultural workforce, whereas only 14% of the agricultural landholders are women. Often, women are prevented from having access to money to improve the quality of their land or are not even allowed to sell their crops. Also, women are often prevented to follow school in contrast to their male counterparts, which makes it difficult for women to gain knowledge, build resilience or come up with innovative ideas in interest of climate change.

Women in decision-making roles

On the other hand, everyone knows women are perfectly capable to clean the mess capitalism and powerful manly hood (aka toxic masculinity) have brought us. To clarify, 67% of climate-related decision-making roles are occupied by men. Although we know women are in the majority when fighting for a more equal and peaceful world. For example, a study shows that women are more concerned about climate change than men. That’s why it is important to include women in important decision-making concerning climate change. Because if we look at the facts above, the climate crisis is definitely a feminist issue.

As Triple S, we are proud to be surrounded by so many intelligent and passionate women, that work hard every single day to make this planet a better place for EVERYONE.


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