How to make laboratories greener? Finding solutions for this question was the primary focus of our project with the Biomedical Center Lund. The project was initiated by a curious PhD student at the BMC, who wanted to reduce the amount of single-use plastics at the laboratory and reached out to Triple S. After a few online-meetings in which we talked about possible solutions that could make the BMC more sustainable, the Triple S project team was invited to the laboratory to gain a better understanding of the materials used in the daily operations of the laboratory. After the visit, we understood that a broad group of stakeholders needs to be taken into consideration when implementing sustainability at the laboratory. Therefore, we decided to host a workshop, to which we not only invited the researchers and scientists at the laboratory, but also suppliers of sustainable laboratory solutions. As host and moderator, Triple S started the workshop with a presentation about sustainability and its implications for laboratories. That was followed by guest presentations from the suppliers Labcon and Starlab and a discussion with all participants on how to implement more sustainable recommendations.


The main aim of the workshop is to raise awareness for sustainability issues and show the attendees that they can make a positive impact by changing small things. Also, by facilitating the conversation between the scientists and suppliers of sustainable solutions, we are hoping to promote the use of sustainable products over conventional ones. 


If you are curious how Triple S can help your organization to become “greener”,  feel free to contact us!

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